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Med and general update

29 Oct

I’m having a little more energy but the depression is lingering. My inpatient psychiatrist was sort of perplexed with what to do with me, he sees me as running out of options too. Which only good side is that it isn’t just my regular psychiatrist that thinks this. He added two new Meds, ones suppose to help with energy it is or I’m just a little more energy after resting in the hospital. My psychiatrist will probably take me off the new Meds, but sometimes he surprises me. I guess we’ll see. Right now I’m just trying to keep going despite the depression and allowing myself to rest but not too much. That’s always hard… I want to go go go go go or lay in bed all day. Today was counseling interesting. We talked about the sensory disorder and she mentioned something about Aspergers. She thinks a lot of issues are from my moms drinking problem. I don’t know cuz I have few memories and no real emotional connection to it. I’ll have to think about it some more I guess.