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Daily Prompt: We built this city

15 Mar

WordPress Daily Prompt 3/9/14:

What do you love most about the city / town / place that you live in? What do you like the least about it? If you were mayor, what would be the most important problem you’d tackle? How would you tackle it?

I like the fact that where I live is centrally located.  It’s 2 hours to the Sierras and the snow, 2 hours to San Francisco or the bay Area, about 8 hours to Disneyland.  There is stuff to do immediately around me like: shopping, restaurants, bowling alley, indoor surfing, movie theaters, parks, and such.  Just within about a half hours drive there is more to do including more of the prior places, plus mini golf, malls, tourist areas, night life, and more.  I like that I am not in the busiest area but it isn’t rural and slow paced.  I like that I live in the suburbs and have great neighbors.

There really isn’t a better place I can think of living, at least at this time.

As always an important problem to tackle is mental health.  Although there is my usual inpatient psych hospital within about 15 minutes of my house and another nice facility within 30 minutes there is no real nice place for longer care.  Both are for crisis situations and stays are very rarely more than two weeks.  There isn’t really community mental health care and the crisis residential place I’ve been to leaves some to be desired.

Daily Prompt: Express Yourself

24 Oct

WordPress Daily Prompt 10/24/13: Tell us about a time you couldn’t quite get your words or images to express what you wanted to express. What do you think the barrier was? For bonus points, try again.


I sometimes have a vision in my head of how I want to represent something or how to explain it.  I will do one example that has to do with the voices in my head.  I have mentioned before in posts some of the characteristics of them and where they live.  I would like to do a model, but I suck at drawing and wouldn’t quite know how to do it in 3D which would be the best way to explain it.  I think the barrier is that it’s just weird, it’s a weird and very personal thing that most people don’t have so they don’t get it.

brain   brain2

Side Voices: The grey ones are an oily like substance and there are 2 of them.  They are located just below the surface by my temples.

Back 1s: The pink and blue stick figures are the back two voices.  They are also right below the surface kinda behind my ear are at the base of by brain/skull.

Externals: These are the white saying clouds, which are voices that I hear outside of myself.

Back 2s: These are a set I can’t draw well because they are deeper within the head and more ambiguous and less is known about them,

30 Days of Mental Illness Awareness Challenge- Master List

24 Sep

I decided to start this challenge first of all to help my readers learn more things specifically related to my mental illnesses.  My fellow bloggers are welcome to participate in any or all of the challenge prompts.  I I hope this will raise some awareness and give you insight to mental illness.  Here is the image to go with the challenge:

MIA challenge

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New Challenge: 31 Days of BPD Master List

25 Jun

I am doing this 31 days of BPD challenge because of the stigma associated with Borderline Personality Disorder.  It is probably one of the last talked about (honestly) and explained from personal experience than any other mental illness.  All these prompts have to do with characteristics of BPD, whether to do with specific symptoms and criteria of the illness or vague questions about items that are related to the illness, ex questions about specific relationships.

  • Day 1: Think of the last time you were really angry. Why was that?
  • Day 2: Why did your last friendship end?
  • Day 3: Do you self-harm? If yes, how?
  • Day 4: Have you ever attempted suicide?
  • Day 5: Have you ever written a suicide note?
  • Day 6: How’s your love life?
  • Day 7: Have you ever dissociated? If so, how often?
  • Day 8: Do you have any other diagnoses? Which ones?
  • Day 9: Do you get mood swings?
  • Day 10: What kind of impulsive decisions have you made?
  • Day 11: Is there anything you do that helps keep you grounded?
  • Day 12: What’s your relationship with your family?
  • Day 13: Are you a perfectionist?
  • Day 14: Do you ever become obsessive?
  • Day 15: Have you ever changed your opinions, depending on the people you are with?
  • Day 16: Does your style (clothing, hair, etc.) change a lot?
  • Day 17: What are five of your biggest fears?
  • Day 18: Do you worry what people think of you?
  • Day 19: What are some lyrics that describe what you’re going through right now?
  • Day 20: How do you usually express yourself?
  • Day 21: How many people know about your diagnosis?
  • Day 22: What’s a random story from your childhood?
  • Day 23: How do you think other people see you?
  • Day 24: If you could pick one year of your life to give back and start over, which one would it be?
  • Day 25: What’s one thing you wish non-borderlines could understand?
  • Day 26: Name three fictional characters you relate to.
  • Day 27: Do you have any bad habits?
  • Day 28: Do you consider yourself high-functioning or low-functioning?
  • Day 29: If your mind was a house, what would the house look like?
  • Day 30: What is your “safe place” when you are upset? (This can also be a person.)
  • Day 31: Post a picture of yourself and tell us your story.

Weekly Writing Challenge

4 Feb
Do you prefer digital books or paperbacks?
  • ebooks — you can get new books in a flash and bring multiple reads with you everywhere you go.
  • Paperback — nothing beats opening up a brand new book or rummaging through a bookstore
  • Hardback— now that’s where you hear the spine crack and they look so good on the shelf.
                  Yes, I added another option to this weeks weekly writing challenge and poll.  I do not really read paperback so that was an easy elimination.  Now the hard choice was between ebooks or hardback.  I purchased an iPad about a year and a half ago and started experimenting with the iBooks app.  I liked that I could highlight passages that interested me and go to the contents to flip at any point to those highlighted section.  I liked the selection and the prices also.  It is nice to have only to carry a small iPad rather than some hefty books on vacation, plus it saves room in the luggage.  (I usually read at least 3 books on vacation.)  The downside to ebooks was the inability to sync across devices, which has just been fixed.  I also tend to accidently flip through more page than one when swiping to “turn the page.”  Also most eBooks tend to not have illustrations or they just aren’t the same as paperback and/or hardcover books.

So behind on prompts

21 Dec

I continue to look through my daily prompts I get through wordpress, the national health blog post, and 30 day chalenge but when in depresion.  I have no energy and am fighting to survive.  I keep the prompts that I like and plan on responding to them later.  I bookmark articles I want to feature on my blog and think of answers to challenges.  So here are some catch ups:

WordPress 12/15/12 Daily Prompt: What’s your ideal Saturday morning? Are you doing those things this morning? Why not?

Ok this was a Saturday obviously.  My ideal Saturday morning is allowing myself to wake up when my body is ready.  Sometimes I eat a snack when I get up, but not always and I take my morning medicine.  I check my e-mail and hope I get things relating to the blogging world.  I usually lay in the bath and read a couple hours, draining and refilling with hot water as the water cools.  I also read articles at this time which I sometimes share on my blog.  I check my facebook.  I sometimes take a nap mid-day while listening to my History of Philosophy podcasts.  If my brother-in-law is working I hand out with my sister.  If lil sis is visiting I hang out with her.  No lately I haven’t been doing that because I’ve been depressed, just laying in bed.

WordPress 12/16/12 Daily Prompt. What question do you hate to be asked? Why?

“How are you today?” or “How are you doing?”  Most times because it is just a social convention that people feel the need to say to others but really are not expecting a truthful answer or wanting one.  It makes me feel uncomfortable as I am probably am just going to say “fine” which is often far from the truth.