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Accomplishments 5.30

30 May
  • Lead a group at 20 something’s where I came out about my mental illnesses.
  • My cholesterol is lower, even though I’ve gained weight.
  • I finally feel like we’re addressing some long over due subjects in counseling.
  • I’m working on not attending social events, that are just not me.
  • I’ve gotten 2 out of my 3 grades for the Spring semester and I am proud of them.
  • Went through the entire semester without being hospitalized.
  • I think I am becoming a better communicator.
  • I’ve been doing DBT for almost 4 months now.
  • My case manager, the therapist, and my psychiatrist all think I’m doing much better.
  • I haven’t had a med change in 7 months and will not see my psychiatrist for 6 months.
  • I’ve expanded to 2 restaurants that I will go to eat by myself at.
  • Working on reaching out for help when I need it, and recognizing when I need it.
  • I’ve been going on more walks with my sister.
  • I’m trying to not let my fear destroy relationships.