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Call from psychiatrist

22 Nov

Just got off the phone from my psychiatrist and it’s just what I needed.  I had no intent to go to classes today.  I couldn’t sleep again last night with the voices and the paranoia and when the thoughts started to turn to sleeping under the bed to hide “just in case” I got out of bed and took some extra PRN Latuda and Valium.  This helped me get to sleep, but unfortunately I woke up with nightmares that Trump had declared war and drafted all the men to go to war.  When I got up to go to class I managed to take a shower.  I really needed one, since Monday I just wore a snow hat and pajamas to school.  However, that put me over the edge and once dressed for school I became fearful and crawled back into bed.  I set my alarm for my 2nd class but near time to attend, turned it off and resent it for a trans clothing fair I hope to go to.  My psychiatrist called and we are upping my antipsychotic Latuda by 1/2 which is what I have PRNing on a regular basis until I feel less vulnerable and more confident in DBT skills.  He wants me to not associate taking a pill with the behavior which is fine, as long as I have some medical relief.  I will also be using my coping skills I use- mostly DBT to deal with what voices, paranoia, and distress break through.  And yes some always break through.  Medication is no cure.  During thanksgiving break I’ll go through my packets and go over some skills. My psychiatrist wasn’t me to set up a phone session with the therapist to go over how DBT skills are working with this stuff.  So far I have the music skills I’ve been using and rationalizing.  It’s been 2 years without voices so I need to re-look through my skills.


6 Jan

Counseling appt went well. Fears unfounded. Now body dysphoria is kicking my ass and I might need to get something to sleep. Of course whatever it is, is telling me to throw up and cut. I know I shouldn’t do that. Self medicating to numb these thoughts and emotions isn’t the right thing either. I really don’t feel like tolerating the distress, maybe I should take a walk.


DBT Distress Tolerance Improving the Moment

11 Dec



DBT Distress Tolerance: Self Soothing with 5 senses

11 Dec

self soothe


DBT Distress Tolerance ACCEPTS Worksheet

11 Dec

Accepts 3

DBT Distress Tolerance Activities Worksheet

11 Dec

Includes: Body Moving activities, relaxing activities, emotional expression activities, socializing activities, in the moment activities, sensation focused activities, and though challenge activities.



DBT Distress Tolerance: Accepts Worksheet

11 Dec



Examples from mine:

Activities: Smash book, Blogging, Candy crush, Play with Gibson, Homework, shopping.

Contributions: Making cards, My sister’s awesome book

Choices: Blogging, not ruminating, getting out of the house, texting 20 somethings friend, put it aside until appointment with case manager.

Positive Emotions: Half smiles, Venting/relief, contentment, pride

Push Away: Visualize with putting stuff in box and setting aside.

Thoughts: Song Lyrics

Sensations: Bath, candles, massage, having ice cream, baking

DBT Distress Tolerance: ACCEPTS- Contributions

11 Dec

With contributing:

Contribute to something; do volunteer work, give something to someone else, make something nice for someone, do a surprising, thoughtful thing.


I make homemade cards for people and usually have some thoughtful project going on for someone else.

Graduated from Year Long DBT Class

11 Nov

Yesterday I finished my last class of my DBT year long program. I got a certificate from them as well as my sister (in case Kaiser didn’t do anything).

What I learned most was that my interpersonal skills aren’t that great because of problems regulating emotion and tolerating distress. This was helpful to know since I feel confident in those two skill sets.

DBT: Option Analysis

3 Nov

Options for Responding to Any Problem Situation

  1. Solve the problem.
  • Use my skills to solve the problem
  • Leave and come back to the situation later

2.  Change my reaction to the problem.

  • Challenge my interpretation of events
  • Put problem in a new context (wise mind)
  • Can I re-frame this as a problem that I can solve?

3.  Cope better with my reaction to the problem

  • Use distress tolerance and emotion regulation skills
  • Radically accept my reaction

4.  Stay Miserable


Option Analysis Worksheet

Another quick way to remember is CALM




(Be) Miserable