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I started this blog in spring of 2012 as a place to rant and record my feelings.  A lot has gone on with me since and I also have learned a lot about blogging.  As I mentioned in my main about page a quick one over of what you will find on this blog, but for those who want more here it is:

My Blog posts are categorized into 11 categories: Art, Background Information, DBT, Mood Disorders, Personality Disorders, Random, Re-blogs, Resources, Songs, Thought Disorders, and Trauma.  Like I said most posts will fit into a variety of categories and I am working on having image widgets to click to go to the category you are interested in.

♦   Art contains scans of SMASH journal pages and scrapbook pages, poetry, crafts, photos, and drawings (digital and hand drawn.)

♦   Background Information contains information on me and the people I post about.  Memories from the past and current going ons as well.

♦   DBT or Dialectical Behavioral Therapy has to do with posts that revolve around DBT.  DBT is a specific type of therapy that has four main modules: core mindfulness, emotional regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, and distress tolerance. Some skills are distracting yourself, self soothing, mindfulness exercises, radical acceptance, weighing pros and cons and other skills that fall under the DBT umbrella.  Most these posts are also resource posts.


♦   Mood Disorders contains post that have to do with mood aspects (affective) of me; so either depression, mania, or mixed episodes. Posts about anxiety also tend to fall under here.  I have the bipolar type of schizoaffective disorder, but mostly deal with the depression side.  Key words: depression, hopelessness, no motivation, sleep issues, no energy, hypomanic, despair, no purpose.


♦   Personality Disorders contain posts that have to do with the symptoms of personality disorders mostly Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) or Avoidant Personality Disorder (AvPD.)  Key words: emptiness, self harm, anger, abandonment, rejection, suicidal, relationships.


♦   Random contains posts that don’t really fit anywhere else.  Most often these are internet tests, random facts, daily prompts,weekly writing challenges, photo challenges, forwards, and sometimes blog challenges like the Twelve days of Christmas, Zero to Hero, 30 Day Blog Challenge, 30 days of Truth, 20 day Challenge and 10 day Challenge.

♦   Re-blogs contain posts that are re-blogged from another website.  Also under re-blog you will find the “Round Up//Results” posts of the different days of the 30 Days of Mental Illness Awareness Challenge.

♦   Resources contain resources on mental illness/health, sexuality, and other things I find on the internet.  Some are typed out or made into charts by me, most of these came from programs or groups I was in.  I did create two infographics on my own though, one on Borderline Personality Disorder and the other on Schizoaffective Disorder.  Other resources are articles or websites I have found to be helpful.


♦   Songs contain song lyrics often with specific lyrics I relate to bolded.  There are just plain songs, some are part of a 30 Day Song Challenge, and others are more of a compilation like “Soundtrack to my life.”

♦   Thought disorders contain the posts that have to do with the thought aspect (schizo) of me.  These are posts to do with psychosis, paranoia, delusions, the flat affect/speech, and social obliviousness or lack of connection often found in psychotic disorders.


♦   Trauma contain posts that have to do with trauma symptoms, resources, or ramblings.  I’ve had a couple different traumatic situations and then symptoms that randomly fit each separate trauma.  Key words: dissociation, abuse, trauma, night terrors, hypervigilance, flashbacks



  • Some of my posts are just rants, everyone needs to rant from time to time.
  • Some show background information or updates about myself that help you understand the general posts and where I have been and am hopefully going.
  • There are forwards and posts with questions and random facts about me; fun ways to get to know me and a little less “heavy.”
  • I am gay and write some posts about sexuality, my sexual journey, and LGBT things in general.
  • There are vlogs and pictures of me randomly throughout. You can request a vlog topic here.
  • I post song lyrics that I feel I relate to.
  • I’d hope by reading the variety of posts, you will get to know a real person who struggles with mental illness among other things.

Mental Health

  • I write primarily about mental illness and mental health related topics.  Most posts are about various aspects of Borderline Personality Disorder, Schizoaffective Disorder Bipolar Type, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and coping skills.  Mental illness is a big part of my life so of course the topics all blur together and you will often almost always find a post placed in more than one category.
  • I also write about other symptoms of mental illness that I may or may not be currently diagnosed with.  Some of this includes: dissociation, sleeping issues, social anxiety, concentration issues.
  • I write my opinions and links to research and other websites whether articles or re-blogs.
  • I type of resources I have received from different groups as well as worthy resources that I find on the internet.


  • I display some of my hobbies here.  You will find poetry and art (digital and otherwise), scanned photos of scrapbook pages or journals I have worked on, book reviews (both from the psychology field and otherwise.)
  • I love learning languages and currently consider myself trilingual.  I understand, read, speak/sign, and write/sign English, Spanish, and American Sign Language.  I am just starting my 3rd semester of Italian and home to add that to my list of languages soon.  Eventually, I would like to do a couple posts in my other languages.
  • I am Christian and very interested in religion, spirituality, philosophy, and the soul.  I sometimes post about my specific beliefs, my history with religion, and about spiritual topics like the Sabbath.
  • I follow current events pretty closely and when you hear about them via my blog they will most likely have to do with LGBT issues or Mental Illness/Health.

I'l love to hear your thoughts

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