Resource: On What beliefs are your house built?

24 Jun


On what beliefs is your house built?

FOUNDATION: The house’s foundation is your foundation as a person.  List and label the values, beliefs and traditions that direct your life.  Do you put family above all else?  Do you think that being financially successful is paramount?

OUTER WALLS: The walls represent your supports.  Are you struggling to name supports?  Remember that supports can be people, places, and things.  Who have you interacted with in the last weeks?  What did you do and where did you go to feel better and find assistance?  Supports can also be professionals in your life.

THE ROOF: What gives you shelter?  Who protects you?  Like supports, these can be people or things.  Do you feel like your parents/family/friends encourage you unconditionally?  If so, include the on your roof.

THE DOOR: The door keeps things hidden and others out.  What things do you hide? Are you ashamed of things or do aspects of your past?  List these in the door.

FIRST/GROUND FLOOR: Behaviors you are trying to gain control over, or areas of your life you want to change.

SECOND FLOOR: Emotions you want to experience more often, more fully or in a more healthy way.

THIRD FLOOR: List all the things you are happy about or you want to feel happy about OR list the things you are grateful for and/or that you have right now.

FOURTH FLOOR/ATTIC: What would a life “worth living” look like for you?

CHIMNEY SMOKE: Ways you blow off steam.  Possible coping tools.  Things you do to get your mind off things.

BILLBOARD: Things you are proud of and want others to see.

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