Partial is over and other updates

24 Jun

Friday was the last day of Partial.  I dropped my summer school class because I’m only somewhat better and was afraid if I failed again they would for sure kick me out of the university.  I didn’t tell Partial because Tuesday and Wednesday were really bad days and with the drama within Partial it was making me worse instead of better.  I have Monday and Tuesday to get a number of things done that need to be done, which is kinda stressing me out.  Wednesday I leave for New Orleans for the NAMI National Conference.  Because of this I decided not to do IOP or anything else other than regularly scheduled appointments.  My case manager and the therapist already have appointments set up.  On Tuesday when I see the therapist I will set up an appointment with my psychiatrist.

I’ll be posting a few other posts tonight hopefully or recent if not.  One on the triggers of Partial.  And a few resources I actually found helpful in Partial.

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