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Outcomes…Partial again

6 Jun

So I went into the appointment saying that I wanted to go to Partial.  I mentioned that I was dropping out this quarter.  She had come into the appointment talking about a new crisis residential center they were partnered with.  She also said she was thinking about calling in sick to work until she remembered she had an appointment with me today, I laughed and said probably a good idea you didn’t.  I’m thinking if I have anymore crazy nights like Monday night I might just ask partial to walk me over to the hospital.  A friend gave me a couple of the pills of one of the meds I’ve been out of for awhile.  And today while in my case management appointment the insurance called and said my meds were mailed, so hopefully they are coming tomorrow.  The partial program is suppose to call me with a start day, so I should start soon.  They have called me in the same day before, so fingers crossed for that.