16 May

I was up till 1 or 2am last night with sleep no where in sight so I took some NyQuil.  That put doing some practice essays this morning before retaking Ensayo #2 unlikely.  I managed to wake up and eat some yogurt that didn’t like my sensory issues and take my medicine, and lay back down.  I’d wordrefrence it’s like google translate but better results some words for my essay in between my class today and the essay re-write, I had 30 minutes.  I went to class only to find out my registration for Fall Quarter was Monday, now I have to wait for open hours tonight after 8pm to register for my classes.  It’s only been two days so I’m sure the classes won’t be full but an inconvenience.  Two of the classes weren’t offered though the Spanish head of the department spelled out the year for me; luckily their electives so I subbed a different two in.  If I fail this Spanish essay class, there is just one class I can’t take in the fall and who knows maybe I can repeat this class in summer?.  But three in Fall might be a nice break.  I’m exploring sex more and I just know my case manager is going to think this has to do with my functioning but I think it is just co-occuring beside it.  Even if it is and I’m oblivious or in denial, I am not just going to avoid it forever for the fear that something like this will and is happening.  I need to eat again, but I’m not feeling it maybe I can go out but I don’t like going out by myself either and it’s just one roommate to go with and what I feel like she doesn’t like.  Making food is work, i’ll find something I don’t wan’t to be all out of it again.

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