Lots of NAMI

28 Apr

Today I went to a training all day called MH101 it’s to be a presenter for specific minority communities , time being the LGBTQIA community.  It was 8 hours long and I have to go back tomorrow for another 4 hours.  The training is good and I’ve told me story informally many times, so it’s interesting how they want you to compact it and sprinkle it with facts and such.  I do like the layout, so that’s good.  I’m just really tired.  Last night was t-shirt decorating night for my NAMI Walks team it was in the college town I live in now.  There were 8 people including me.  Tonight is another team t-shirt decorating night but in the town I use to live in where I’ve built my team for the last 5 years.  There should be 6 people.  My team is about 35 counting all kids and animals, but of course not everyone can come to t-shirt decorating night and personalize their shirt.

I need to find all my training manuals and certificates for mental health related stuff.  Most of it’s here.  Be more organized, especially as I am getting more and more involved and some programs are pre-reqs of other programs.

I’m busy and tired all the time but I feel like I’m using all the stuff I’ve been through for good.  It’s finally worth something.

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