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Inconsistency in blogging

13 Apr

When I first started blogging 8 years ago, I blogged here and there and then throughout the years there were times where I blogged every day; sometimes multiple times a day.  Right now I often don’t blog when I’m having a good day.  But here are some updates.  I’m in my “4th year” at the university I go to as a transfer student.  So a Senior but will be staying 2 extra quarters to get my double major in Spanish, before it was just Linguistics.  I’m taking 4 classes this quarter, am an officer for 2 clubs, volunteer regularly for a few events that are weekly/monthly, and am working on getting a NAMI Connection support group going on campus.

I seem to be able to bounce back from symptoms relatively quickly for the most part.  And even when it takes me awhile, it is with things that would normally have a huge impact and destroy life events/decisions.  When I look how far I’ve come it amazes me.  But then I feel like I don’t want to say that, because I don’t want to jinx things.

I still have symptoms but it’s manageable.  Today in class the room looked like it was rocking back and forth and I was getting dizzy.  Uncomfortable but I can deal with that, after a little bit it went away.  Focusing and grounding helps.