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A little clearer headed

9 Aug

No ones giving up on you. That’s the borderline talking probably with a mix of the hormones and skipping a night dose of meds surely doesn’t help. 

The anxiety and fears are still there. I wish I had the reassurance. I guess I need to learn to reassure myself. Off to bed to count, to block the thoughts and the lyrics. If it gets too bad I brought my head phones for “Move Along.”

Say something I’m giving up on you

9 Aug

I let a few too many things trigger a crash and now I don’t know how to get out of it. I can just blame a bunch but it feels like all my fault which is make my it worse. The only way I can see it clearing up or me at least calming down is reassurance from the friend but he doesn’t do that, especially when I’m upset. So I guess I just have to be upset or just rethink this friendship. What friends won’t reassure you when you’re upset?