Plan B

25 Apr

I was going to go to the hospital this week.  I honestly can’t take life anymore and am only somewhat concerned I’ll make an attempt.  I wrote my case manager a message to get an appointment this week with the intent to tell her to hospitalize me, but she didn’t have an available appointment till late Thursday.  And I don’t take myself to the ER, or call 911.  I don’t want to go in over the weekend and I have my NAMI Walk coming up and the t-shirt decorating party is Saturday night.  I’m just trying to make plans to stay out of bed and stay safe and stuff.  Around people somewhat but try less stress too.  I didn’t go to class monday, but I’m taking a roommate to school the rest of the days except Friday so that will get me up and going to school.  I will see my case manager Thursday.  I had peer to peer tonight and I have it thursday.  Wednesday we are having a 6 month birthday party for my nephew.  I wish I was excited and it all mattered.  All it is, is a plan till things matter again I hope so soon.

One Response to “Plan B”

  1. manyofus1980 April 26, 2017 at 4:27 AM #

    glad you didn’t go to the hospital, try to hang in there. sending support to you, xo. xx

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