A new year, a new you?

31 Dec

Yes, maybe just yes. I gotta see what more I can do in regards to my gender identity/dysphoria stuff. Last session with the therapist was canceled because she was sick. I don’t see her now till the end of January. I got a sports bra and started wearing it a lot of December to get use to wearing bras again. When I get home from vacation I’m going to look into buying a binder. Having to dress up a lot on this trip and lil sis’ comments on my lack of feminist things being “gross” like not shaving my legs were sort of annoying. I want to be more me, more often. But I need to be able to be more independent if things go south and while I plan on that, I’m not there yet. Also everyone wants things to move so freaking slow, I’m going to be 35 this year and I feel like I don’t have time to waste and their just wasting their time testing me. This is how I am, I’ll always be, I handle things, crisis to crisis as they apprear, whatever gender I am or in between. 

I'l love to hear your thoughts

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