I should probably be doing something else…

18 Oct

I’m tired and my back hurts.  It’s been a long day, I set my alarm for 6:30am and have had no naps, I stayed at school all day and took my laptop and some planner accessories both to study for the midterm and to keep me busy during my break.  I think it was too much stuff for my backpack, my back is killing me.  I think I did okay on the midterm, time will tell.  It’s a class where the midterms is 30% of your grade so hopefully.  I actually did study and go over things quite a bit.  I’ve been taking cold medicine to fight off what might turn into a cold/the flu.  Today I wore some new jeans my mom bought me, they were suppose to be exactly like another pair just black; but after 2 hours of wearing them I realized they were skinny jeans.  I’m glad my sensory processing disorder keeps me kinda disconnected from my body because it helps with the gender dysphoria.  Now I’m just going to donate the pants.  So I have one pair of jeans, I need to buy another pair and I hate shopping.  This weekend. I think I’m just going to buy in the mens department.  I’ve thought about switching to boxer-briefs so I might pick up that too.  I think the only reason I’m awake is I had an energy drink and starbucks today.  I want to go to sleep but I need to do some Greek homework; either tonight or set the alarm early and do it in the am.  It’s a going through the motions kind of day.

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