Trans progress

17 Oct

Today was a really good day, despite the fact that I think I’m catching a cold. I had an appointment with the therapist, first one since school started. I told her about my difficulty with the women’s honor society and how I decided not to apply. I also asked what would be the steps for top surgery. She lined up some intense ones about being trans but she knows I don’t identify as trans. But not as cis either. Luckily I know the consult therapist so I can try to explain gender variant if not. I’m willing to go through most the steps to get what I want. I do have gender dysphoria. I think testosterone would mess with my moods but I’d be willing to try it if I had to. I won’t bind, wearing a bra or tight shirts triggers the dysphoria by reminding me my breasts are there. I could care less on pronouns whatever is easiest for the other person at this stage I have no preference. So we’ll see how the consult goes. I also told my sister today, she took it good. That was good, though I figured she would 

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