It’s been a few days

26 Sep

It’s been a few days.  Today was really my first try at being social at school, I went to two group things alone.  One went really well and the other one not so much, I think I was just tired from the energy of the first one.  So I went to a gender group it was kinda small, not gender oriented specific like the last one and about 1/3 of the size.  It felt very chill, I liked it.  The last one was a sorority, I’m not sure I will like it but I’ll give it another chance tomorrow.  It is a social justice sorority based on LGBTQIA people.  Today I only had my Greek class and went back home to get some stuff for Disneyland trip this weekend.  I Facebook messaged 20 somethings friend quite a bit that was nice, I look forward to seeing him this weekend.  Surprisingly I got a 10/10 on my Greek quiz, I wasn’t that confident.  I don’t think a couple of my roommates like me.  The shower issue is still bothering me, I know I have to take on in a couple days.  At least this weekend the hotel room has a bathtub.  School wise things are going well.  Living wise, so-so.  Social wise, so-so.  Check in later.

One Response to “It’s been a few days”

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