ASD Results and my take

21 Jul

Today I had the appt of my ASD Results Evaluation and I am not on the Autistic spectrum despite having many of the symptoms, because I did not have symptoms since infancy.  I kinda saw this coming.  He mentioned my social development being off starting at age 10 when my psych problems started and kept referring to my teenage or pre-teenage years.

My theory is that I sort of stopped developing at 10, in many ways.  So in my mind I do have a developmental disorder just they don’t have a name for it like so many things wrong with me.  There are some serious things wrong with my social functioning which is all he really seemed to point out, put I also have a hard time with usual “adult” responsibilities cleaning/hygiene/job/phone calls/etc.  I never really developed romantically/sexually relationships which makes things real hard at 33.  I don’t do well with change and their are many childish and childlike things about me.

I guess I’m split on the results, I know a few people will be surprised and react negatively and others positively.  Like everything in life, but the people I like more will be more surprised and more likely to react negatively.

One Response to “ASD Results and my take”

  1. Bradley July 22, 2016 at 9:07 AM #

    I’m glad your ASD evaluation showed your not on the autism spectrum. It does seem like your still looking for answers/explanations, and I hope you find them on your journey.

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