A little update

16 Jul

So I requested my medical records, just child and adolescent psych with only the intent to give them to my case manager for her to read.  That was the advice given to me, by people who know me well.

Googling symptoms on Web MD can make you crazy, I’ve herd that before but never needed to do it before, I now regret that decision.  And it’s the weekend so I’ll have to wait to hear from my actual doctor.

Any tech savvy people know if I can make my Facebook posts show up on the sidebars like some people do with there twitter posts?

If I’m just doing a small update like last night I don’t want to open up and write a whole post, but I don’t have a lot of people following my Facebook page for my blog.  For those of you curious this was the post:

When at a concert and the lights are too bright and flashing, put on sunglasses. ‪#‎SPDTips‬ ‪#‎SensoryProcessingDisorderTips‬


And your sister puts some on too so you don’t look so out of place

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