15 Jun

I was sitting on the couch earlier today tears quietly rolling down my face, thinking again.  I tried not to feel sorry for myself.  I thought of what I could do to be proactive.  I looked into summer school at UC Davis and I’m on a waitlist, I also e-mailed about taking a Spanish placement test and may take Spanish if I can take the placement test before summer school starts and if I don’t get into the waitlisted class.  I ate some ice cream I know most people won’t think that’s good, but it makes me feel better, even if only temporarily.  I’m trying to stay up so my sleep doesn’t get too messed up.  I see my case manager tomorrow and then she goes on vacation for 3 or 4 weeks.  She gets back, right when I get back from my NAMI convention.   I wish I was doing better when she was leaving, it’s like the first time I haven’t been doing well in awhile.  This week  has kinda been a mess.  Tomorrow is a new day.

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  1. blahpolar June 16, 2016 at 5:36 AM #

    Hope tomorrow is a better day

  2. Bradley June 16, 2016 at 12:42 PM #

    Despite how you feel, it looks like you’re getting some things done. Good on you. As for the ice cream. Don’t sweat it. We all need our guilty pleasures now and again.

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