Two appointments-Two Days

30 Mar

I saw the therapist yesterday and my case manager today.  The therapist asked me the beginning of some ASD evaluation questions and had me fill out two questionnaires.  A lot of the answers I did not know because they had to do with childhood, my mom’s pregnancy, or family history.  20 somethings friend asked how it went, I said I think I passed because she said the next part was a referral and it might be a couple months out.  Some of the questions were complicated.  Some didn’t surprise me considering I know some about autism and aspergers.  When I met with my case manager today she asked me why I did tell the therapist a few specific things I had told her, I told her number 1 she didn’t ask and 2 they were strange and she said that’s exactly why I needed to tell her.  I said I didn’t want her judging me and it’s okay because you just joke I’m part cat, but she won’t be like that.  So I’m suppose to make a list of the more stranger aka embarrassing things; I’m already to 1/2 page.  I realized today I will go to UC Davis, the voices were right along with everyone else I’m just not ready or stable enough to start over in a new city 10 hours away with no one I know.  With all my new realizations I’m not sure I’ll be able to live on campus; I’ll take it slow.  And I don’t want to take advantage of services I don’t need.  I’m sad about not going to SDSU, I cried a little even in front of my mom and went to ice cream.  I’m trying to just focus on the accomplishment of getting in, that 9% that got accepted.  I talked about my mini hypomanic/psychotic episode, the dreams that had my case manager in them, a few articles I had read on FB that resonated with me, and the appointment with the therapist; it was non stop talk with my case manager today.  I’ll bring my list of strange stuff to my case manager next week and see if it’s things I should tell the therapist or not.

One Response to “Two appointments-Two Days”

  1. manyofus1980 March 31, 2016 at 3:03 PM #

    I’m glad the evaluation is going ok. Sorry you aren’t ready to move. But you got in, be proud, many didn’t. You can go to UC Davis and hopefully you’ll love it there too. XX

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