Up in the air

11 Mar

I got my sister to go with me to San Diego State for the Open House thing, it was much harder than it should have been, my case manager even though I should have had someone supporting me coming with me.  But my sister had decided in her mind that she knew what was best and that was for me to go alone.  With all my anxiety, and all the progress I’m making, and all my issues, apparently she things something along the line of me going backwards if she goes with.  I’m getting worked up so lets talk about something else.  She’s going, lets hope it doesn’t turn into a disaster.

My counseling appointments are being changed to Wednesdays because my case managers new role starts next week.  It’s Kaiser so of course what they told her isn’t what she got and right now she only has 6 hours a week for case management and I am very grateful that she is saving one of those a week for me.  I also like Wednesdays better because if I feel unstable I can usually talk myself into waiting till Wednesday and knowing if I need to contact her before the weekend ends.  I think I mentioned that lately my appts have only been 1/2 hours and how I was nervous she quieted that fear when I brought it up this week, by confirming just what I thought if I’m doing good we don’t have to talk as much.

I’m wondering when this ASD evaluation is going to happen, and getting nervous.  I guess I’ll ask next week.  She said something about the way that I walk now I find myself self conscious which isn’t like me, normally I don’t care.  I just want to know the results, the suspense, oh the suspense.

I went to the NAMI Walks Kick off luncheon today.  This is my 3rd year being a team captain but my first year going to the luncheon.  I don’t like social events.  I could have just not went and had them send me my packet like prior years.  I think my team will be smaller this year but hopefully I will raise more money.

2 Responses to “Up in the air”

  1. manyofus1980 March 11, 2016 at 10:53 PM #

    Well done on going to the luncheon. I hope you enjoyed yourself there. good luck when you visit the university. Hopefully everything will go ok there too. XX

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