Daily Prompt: Take Care

20 Dec

WordPress Daily Prompt 12/20/15: When you’re unwell, do you allow others to take care of you, or do you prefer to soldier on alone? What does it take for you to ask for help?

I am generally a person who deals with things alone when upset.  I’m very particular about who I will allow to help me or even really know what is going on.  I usually only ask for help if I’m really desperate or I think a person can help me.  It’s backfired a number of times though, so I’m more reluctant now.

One Response to “Daily Prompt: Take Care”

  1. manyofus1980 December 21, 2015 at 2:47 AM #

    Maybe you can try to reach out more and allow others into your world. It might help more than you think. XX

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