30 Days of Writing Challenge: Day 18

25 Nov

30 day writing challenge

Day 18: Post 30 facts about yourself.

  1. I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and a very pale complexion.
  2. I misspelled complexion on the last post and often misspell words
  3. I got an answer wrong on my linguistics exam because I used the first letter of the word instead of the letter “k” assigned to it, it was a matching exercise.  I do stuff like this often and wonder if I have some kind of learning disability.
  4. I never spelled parents correctly until I started working at the child care.
  5. I have 80+ Electro Convulsive Therapy (shock therapy) in my early 20s
  6. At age 25 I had a surgical device put in that was suppose to help treatment resistant depression, this and the removal of it are the only surgeries I’ve had in my life.
  7. I’m terrible with my oral hygiene yet have the best teeth in my family.
  8. I was born left handed but my mom converted me because she thought being left handed would be harder in a right handed world.
  9. My first suicide attempt was at age 10.
  10. My first psych meds were imipramine and trazadone at age 11.
  11. I have an obsession with collecting things, but I wouldn’t call myself a hoarder.
  12. I was suppose to be a twin, but my twin miscarried.
  13. I have two sisters and to each of them I am their favorite sister.
  14. I repeated the 5th grade and was homeschooled part of 5th grade the first time around.
  15. In 8th grade I was dismissed from PE because I had a tendency to pass out, and had passed out at school.
  16. I tried to drop out of high school my senior year, but ended up finishing on independent study.
  17. I like my toes, I think they’re my favorite part of my body.
  18. I was underweight because of having ulcerative colitis as a child so for awhile I was on steroids.
  19. I have absolutely no memory before age 10, very little from 10-12, 13-15 missing big gaps,15-18 again missing big gaps. 18-25 the worst of it (also the time period when I had the ECT treatments)  My memory is still impacted and I wonder how much is trauma related and how much ECT related.
  20. I had serious treatments for depression including ECT, the VNS surgery, and 25+ medications I had tried before ever being hospitalized.
  21. I’ve been hospitalized probably over 20 times by now.
  22. This year in October was the longest (1 year) I had gone with out being hospitalized in 10 years, and 10 years ago and prior I had never been hospitalized.
  23. I’ve changed my major probably 10 times.
  24. I’ve been to 6 different colleges and how have 182 units but only have an associated degree.
  25. I know 5 languages: Spanish, English, American Sign Language, Italian and some French.
  26. I still live with my parents and have most of my adult life.
  27. Thanksgiving is one of my least favorite holidays; I don’t like turkey and constantly feel the pressure to be grateful.
  28.  My favorite number is 4 and my favorite color is purple.
  29. I sometimes appreciate my psych diagnoses.
  30. I walked a half marathon a few years ago, but hate exercise.  First and last time but I can cross it off my bucket list.

2 Responses to “30 Days of Writing Challenge: Day 18”

  1. manyofus1980 November 26, 2015 at 1:08 AM #

    Interesting facts marci! I just did this one too. XX

  2. fallenangel092014emily67 November 26, 2015 at 2:29 AM #

    30 facts about myself:

    1. i love music. without music, life wouldn’t be worth the living

    2. i’ve always wanted to own a pet cat and a pet tortoise, but so far never owned either

    3. i prefer the rain to the sun, as i find the whole thing (sound, coolness of the air,) a lot more relaxing.

    4. despite using technology every day, i don’t get updates unless i have too, and i’ve been kicked off a computer forum for not being able to answer basic tech questions so others can help me. (i know extremely little about technology)

    5. the lion king was 1 of the first movies i owned on dvd, and to this day i rate it as 1 of the best

    6. i don’t use social networking. partly because i have no one to connect with, and partly because i don’t need that kind of drama in my life

    7. when i was first diagnosed with bipolar disorder, it took me at least a further 3 years to understand what it all meant

    8. i’ve never left the country

    9. i love the colour pink for no apparent reason. i just do

    10. i’m a nightowl

    11. i hate salad (or anything green in general)

    12. i still don’t know what all my triggers are, but i do know some of the main ones

    13. i hate singing shows on tv. most of the time you don’t hear from the contestants much afterwards anyway

    14. i have family, but we’re not close- in fact barely talk at all

    15. i have a very short attention span, so tend to break long movies up in to a few days. (and watch a lot of kids shows because they are long enough for me)

    16. my memory is terrible, and if i don’t write it down i’m never going to remember

    17. i enjoy watching videos on youtube and looking at google maps. i’m agoraphobic so i like to look at it and pretend i’m their

    18. i have a fear of getting better because at this moment i litirally have no clue what to do with my life

    19. i accept people for who they are, no matter where they are from, their condition, their age, what ever. i’ve been rejected by so many people too many times, so i know how it feels

    20. i’m a manic shopper, and often find myself buying things i simply don’t need (then getting angry because their’s no money for what i actually want)

    21. despite my name being emily, i prefer ” em”, because it encourages good feelings and that the person is being friendly towards me. i find if people use my full name, it usually means i’ve done something wrong

    22. i am alergic to bees and wasps, and swell up in the place where they sting me

    23. i love learning about history, especially henry the 8th and his wives

    24. i’m not religious, never have been

    25. every year for christmas, i always hang up blue lights in my room as i think it looks good

    26. i’m an extremely emotional person, and even the slightest thing can set me off

    27. despite never going, i have a strange facination with america (and all things american)

    28. while most people hate monday’s, the day i hate is wednesday- since when i was younger that’s when all the worse stuff would happen to me

    29. i’m curious about everything, and ask and ask about a particular subject

    30. this post only took me 8 minits to write (which isn’t bad)

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