A day in review: 10/13/15

13 Oct

Today has been kind of a weird day and I’m not sure where I stand, but at least I’m standing, lol.  The cleaning ladies came this morning which meant I didn’t get to go back to sleep after I got up for the first time, because my sheets were being washed.  Yeah, first world problems, I know.  I teetered back and forth between going to the gym but decided instead to text my brother-in-law and see if he wanted to go on a walk.  He did, we did.  Now I have a blister that’s bleeding, that’s never happened before.  Which makes me nervous.  I didn’t want to go to French class today, because I didn’t get a nap and was sleepy.  I went anyways.  After my mom made me lunch and I was going to take my nap but the neighbors parents brought over some hay bales for the Halloween party.  So I needed to help with that.  When we were washing the stray hay down the sidewalk, their toddler kept running in the water, it was really cute.  I came inside to read my blogs and someone from group was calling me.  Normally, I don’t pick up the phone because of my phone aversion.  She was having some current mental health problems and wanted some tips or someone to talk to or some combo.  I did the best I could, it makes me feel like all this stuff is worth something when I can give advice based on my experiences.  I talked to her for like 20 mins that’s a long phone conversation for me.  I hope things turn around for her and I need to remember to check up on her.  People really like it when you check up on them, well most people do.  DBT just went over what they taught last week, since 3 of the 5 of us weren’t there.  It was about communication, you can see the communication errors here.  Something else he was saying really hit home about trying to figure out the other person’s intent or value system.  It made me think of me and my dad and how we don’t get along too well, but we both value family (but in different ways) and that’s okay. Oh yeah and I got an email from San Diego State saying they recieved my application and gave me an ID number to check the status of my application.

2 Responses to “A day in review: 10/13/15”

  1. manyofus1980 October 13, 2015 at 8:58 PM #

    You sound like you had a good day. Always good when that happens. XX

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