AND: It’s Both – Guns and Mental Illness

8 Oct

Exactly and please lets not only talk about mental illnesses in the wake of mass shootings, it gives us a bad name and only continues the stigma and fear that the general population feels.

word from the trenches

Another awful shooting.

A college in Oregon, a movie theater in Louisiana, a church in Charleston, an elementary school in Connecticut and a movie theater in Colorado… schools, military bases… There are so many I can’t remember all of them.

My brother, Paul Flannery, suffered a psychotic break at age 16.  Convinced, after watching the violent miniseries of The Last of the Mohicans, that he had been scalped, he shaved his head.  Bleeding profusely from several razor nicks, he then ran through the house screaming, bolted out the door, stole my parents’ Volkswagen and took off. (I wrote about caring for him in my book,( Shot in the Head, A Sister’s Memoir, a Brother’s Struggle)  Probably the only reason he didn’t hurt anyone was that he was taken to a hospital where he was diagnosed with schizophrenia, medicated, and held in various psychiatric facilities for the next twenty years…

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