Stonewall Movie

30 Sep

I just went and saw the Stonewall movie in the theaters, I guess it had some criticism because the person who threw the first brick was a white young man, and that’s probably not really what happened.  And the main character wasn’t played by a gay actor.  But I liked the movie, I think it’s an accomplishment to tell some of Gay history in a movie that is playing in main stream cinema and not just an LGBT film festival showing.  I know we still have places to go and hollywood “Hollywoodized” it but that’s kinda what they do.  I told my sister I was going to the movies and then had to tell her what Stonewall was, and honestly before getting involved with the gay community and gay culture I didn’t know what it was.  We have LGBT Pride month now but I wonder about an LGBT History month.  There is so much the main stream doesn’t know and heck a lot of what I don’t know as a young gay adult.  I think it’s important not to lose are history and the struggles we have overcome especially as we are focusing on achievements like gay marriage being legalized.

One Response to “Stonewall Movie”

  1. manyofus1980 September 30, 2015 at 11:11 PM #

    I agree knowing about gay history is important. glad you liked the movie. XX

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