“That is normal”

23 Sep

I know I’m not “normal” and have quite a bit of odd experiences most people don’t have. But since I’ve been in psych services so long and so much my mental illness is the norm for me and providers that know my history ask me to talk to people newly hearing voices or other things I can relate to. It’s strange to be the one that “normalizes” an experience, but I like other people not feeling alone and it even gives perspective to others in the group that don’t have that experience. In essence, that is why I blog too.



Normal can be comforting. 

If we think we are odd, to be told that this is normal, this feeling (if we believe it) can be comforting. It is good sometimes to discover we are not “odd”.

In a session, it can be difficult to not say to a patient, this is normal, that is a normal reaction, your feelings are perfectly normal. 

It is true. 

Sometimes it is not what the patient wants to hear. A lot of times, mostly because they do not feel this is the case.

Sometimes because they want to feel that they are not normal.

Or how could there be a “normal” reaction or behaviour, response or feeling, for what they went through?

I have a new patient.  I met her in the hospital yesterday, we spent a lot of time together. Her sixth attempt to end things was just thwarted, barely, she has slipped…

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