22 Sep

I’m oscillating between thinking I can do this college thing and I will get in to one of my top schools, to I can’t do it and shouldn’t even try.  Today I went to transfer day at one of the community colleges I attended.  UC Berkeley had a both and I just picked up a flyer instead of talking with them.  I was anxious and running late for a date.  When I go for my academic advising appointment this Thursday I’m going to ask if a rep is coming from UC Berkeley and if so can I get an appointment to see them.  I also feel like I have to justify my lower grades from when I started school and was really symptomatic and had not learned hot to deal with school with my mental illness yet.  Since 2006, I’ve gotten all A’s except one B and one C.  But my overall GPA is only 3.56 because of lower grades in the first couple years of attending college.  I also want to say how important school is for my stability and feeling like I have a purpose.  I’m not sure if I should put that stuff in there because of the stigma with mental illness but it’s important to me.

My date went real well today.  It was super hot out, in the 100s again so picking mini golf might not have been the best thing.  after the game we talked in the building for a couple hours.  She was nice and we seem to sort of connect.  I could see us being friends if no relationship develops out of it.

One Response to “Oscillating”

  1. manyofus1980 September 22, 2015 at 1:32 AM #

    glad the date went well. getting an apt with one of the advisors would be good. Good luck. XX

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