(Good) Extremes in BPD

20 Sep

A lot of emphasis on the intensity and frequency of moods and emotions changing, focuses on the more negative aspects.  I sort of understand this because those temporary intense emotions can lead to impulsive behavior like the need to binge eat or self harm to contain the emotions.  There is positives ends of the BPD emotional expression also.  I have a few times been brought to tears (good ones) by a simple thoughtful gesture.  I’ve been able to turn the mood of a whole day based on some kind words.  I can flip my devaluing them to idealizing them on a single gesture.  It’s important to note that the extreme of goodness I feel is rarely related to how often/consistent a behavior is or how beneficial others would perceive it.  Much in the same way negative emotions do the same.  I think it’s important to note how good this feels and how sometimes little needs to be done for this feeling to occur.  I’ve stayed in toxic relationships for years based on memories of a few extremities of thoughtfulness and respect, when in between it was most negative and rarely neutral.  I think it relates to the chaos in interpersonal relations ships a lot more than it is given credit for.

One Response to “(Good) Extremes in BPD”

  1. manyofus1980 September 22, 2015 at 1:37 AM #

    I think your right. there is good in all diagnosises, having good extremes is helpful and a positive too. XX

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