I never asked to play this game of ‘Life’.

17 Sep

Sounds like exactly where I’m at.

Chaotic Confessions

I’m not okay. And if I don’t do something, if I just continue to let this depression feed off itself, I’m going end up doing something I regret. So. Here I am. Wanting so bad to self-destruct, yet still finding that there’s that little voice at the back on my mind, urging me to just hold on. Fight.

The thing about this battle is that I’m the only who can see the damage. I can tell you I’m hurting. I can tell you that I’m trying so hard to just be okay. But ultimately, this is mine alone to fight. I can’t make you understand the whirlwind that is my mind. I can’t explain the way my mind twists things, making them out to be worse than what they probably are. I can’t transfer the feelings of overwhelming anxiety to you, can’t give you that taste of what it’s like to be me. I…

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