First day of school challenges

24 Aug

Today is the start of the fall semester. And as of now I’ll be taking 3 classes at 3 different campuses. I left home an hour and a half early for a comp class I was going to take. I stopped by the post office real quick to drop off some packages for a swap I’m doing on Facebook. It took me 30 mins there because they kept giving me the wrong info on boxes and which forms to fill out. It also cost $70 which was way more that I was expecting. I hope the people appreciate the time I put into it, the money isn’t as much of a thing. 

Parking was horrible at school and I would have been late for my comp class. I HATE being late. I was on the verge of tears along with very angry so I just decided to drop the class. With my academic plan changing it isn’t a necessary class anyways. I just wish I hadn’t wasted the time and got so worked up. I’m now at one of the other colleges waiting for a class to start. I made sure to get here very early in case their was the same parking problem and because I don’t know the campus well and wanted to have time to find my class. I went to the bookstore since I was so early but they’re sold out of the text book. 

After class I’m going to make a test run to the other college to see if I can get there in the 1/2 hour time gap I have. 

I like school, it gives me routine and a reason to get up. I’m also good at it and I like learning. 

One Response to “First day of school challenges”

  1. manyofus1980 August 30, 2015 at 3:52 PM #

    I like school too and learning. Sorry you had to deal with those challenges. Rushing around from one place to another is no fun. Glad I dont drive lol. XX

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