Criticism & BPD

11 Aug

This was my childhood to a T.

Borderline & PMDD

An invalidating environment is characterized more broadly by pervasive criticizing, minimizing, trivializing, punishing, erratically reinforcing communication of internal experiences (e.g., thoughts and emotions), and over-simplifying the ease of problem-solving, often coming from those close to the individual (e.g., parents). Additionally, the individual is routinely pathologized as having socially undesirable personality traits (e.g., too sensitive, paranoid, or lazy; Linehan, 1993). Perceived parental criticism, a type of invalidation, has been shown to be associated with poor prognosis across a wide variety of disorders including schizophrenia (Baker, Kazarian, Helmes, Ruckman, & Tower, 1987), substance use disorders (Fals–Stewart, O’Farrell, & Hooley, 2001), mood disorders (Hooley & Teasdale, 1989), and anxiety disorders (Chambless & Steketee, 1999; Renshaw, Chambless, & Steketee, 2001), although this construct has yet to be linked directly to personality disorders.

They remembered their mothers and fathers as having responded with approval, disinterest, or criticism to dependent and independent behaviors.

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