Sometimes I feel like I’m running in circles

5 Aug

Today isn’t one of those days.  I’ve had a really good day, not a perfect day.  There was some anxiety and restlessness that made parts of the day uncomfortable, but as a whole it was a really good day.  I feel the need to document the good days, not just for my readers but for myself.  Sometimes after round and round of bad days you forget things like today.  When you enjoy time with family and friends.  Where you feel supportive and like you are being your best self.

I had a good night last night, so I’m sure that helped.  It is often that my mood rolls over from one night to the next morning.  I knew I had a pedicure appointment with dad, and that is relaxing and self-soothing to me.


20 something’s friend was coming over to give my dad a thank you card and piece of cake for helping him with something.  Afterwards we went to the local community college (he’s attending next year) that’s closer to my house.  We found out some stuff and I gave him a tour of the campus.  It was nice in the sense that I can see his apprehension in the changes that are coming too, so I’m not alone dealing with the future changes.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of that till today.  We went and got cake and I love cake, well any desserts anyways.  On the way back we had a good conversation on people feeling like they owe someone something, even if it’s not monetary.  I don’t agree with him as strict as he does, but everyone entitled to their own opinions and I’ve had “friends” use me and my family for resources and/or money.  So it’s nice to know he’s very aware of that line.  Although with his character I don’t think that accepting thanks or favors would change his behavior, anyways.

I went to DBT and we learned about interpersonal effectiveness and our priorities.  The quick gist (they’re will be a dedicated post when I get the time) is that we have an objective priority, a relationship priority, and a self-respect priority and sometimes they conflict and we have to see what’s our biggest priority.  It also helps you see the behavior and how it acted or didn’t inline with your priorities.

Lastly, I went to my sister’s house to watch the rest of Orange is the New Black.  She feel asleep during the finale and I didn’t know it was the finale I was so engrossed.  So we will re-watch it together on our Hawaii Trip.

3 Responses to “Sometimes I feel like I’m running in circles”

  1. Cat August 6, 2015 at 5:42 AM #

    How long have you been doing DBT, Marci?

    • mm172001 August 6, 2015 at 7:22 AM #

      This go around. Since January. I’ve been in skills classes before. Programs based on DBT. And was in a year long program but dropped out. I’m scheduled to end the year long group in October.

      • Cat August 6, 2015 at 9:55 AM #

        That’s interesting it’s group based. I may need to look into this or CBT to challenge PTSD/agoraphobia. I am not sure the current MBT cuts it for trauma like this. Anyway, hope it helps

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