How we react to triggers- Sexual Abuse/Rape

4 Aug

If you have been the victim of sexual abuse and/or rape odds are you are going to see or hear about it again usually in the media.  Personally, I still get triggered by images from movies and TV and news stories, song lyrics don’t bother me but I know they trigger some.  My reaction is just to sit through it uncomfortably, sometimes if it’s causing flashbacks or other symptoms I will leave the room.  I knew a person who it seems like every time something happened like that she would make a big deal about it and say things like “trigger trigger” and leave the room or viewing area.  It annoyed me and it still does thinking about it, but I’m not fond of that person anyways and we all have different ways of dealing with our pasts.  With me I think it’s still about shame and denial that I don’t want to admit the reason why I need to leave the room.  I’d rather just be uncomfortable than reveal that past, plus I think it’s awkward.  So anonymous poll, whether you have or have not experienced it what would or do you do.  You can choose multiple answers.  

I'l love to hear your thoughts

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