Ten times… Day 8

18 Jul


Ten of your favorite foods and why.

  1. My dad’s BBQed chicken, it tastes good and usually means we’re having people over which means I’m in a better mood or will put me in a better mood.
  2. Ice cream, particularly Ben and Jerry’s Cinnamon Buns, Baskin and Robbins, or a local creamer.  Why: 
  3. Sita- It is little chunks of filet mignon, some Syrian flat bread, and a mustard aioli.  Its an a local family run Italian restaurant.
  4. Yellow Chicken Avacado Curry with Brown Rice- another out to restaurant food that I like, get’s me out of the house
  5. Cheese Enchiladas with refried beans and a tortilla, another out food.  I like to take the beans and some of the left over cheese from inside the enchilada and make a burrito.  I go there so often the server puts my order in when I walk in the door.
  6. Nutella crepes with fresh strawberries and whip cream- this is something I can actually make at home.  The only problem is the recipe for the crepes makes about 20 of them and I can only eat between 3-5. 
  7. Cheese Fondue- at the melting pot also the only place I ever order an alcoholic drink.  I actually went there yesterday with mom.
  8. Mango, I’ve been on a kick of these ever since Bel-air had $5 Mondays with a case of mangos.  Off of that at the Thai restaurant I get mangos with sticky rice for dessert.
  9. Rick’s Dessert Diner, a restaurant downtown that only sells desserts some of my favorites are the blondies, lime diva cake, and strawberry amaretto cake.
  10. Life cereal, when dieting this is a food I eat a couple times a day.  I like how I can finish it without it getting soggy from the milk.

2 Responses to “Ten times… Day 8”

  1. manyofus1980 July 27, 2015 at 11:55 PM #

    All good foods. Crapes are yummy. Especially the smell of them lol. X

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