Ten Times… Day 6

15 Jul


10 Destinations you would love to travel to.

  1. Italy- I even learned Italian so I could understand people better.  I might go with school on a study abroad program or maybe with my family, or both!
  2. Australia, Great Barrier Reef- I went with PK when all the trauma was going on and the ECT, so I have no memory of the vacation, just pictures.  I’d like to go snorkeling
  3. Disneyland Paris- I love Disneyland in California and would like to travel to Europe.  Someone in one of my SMASH groups showed some awesome beautiful stationary from a Disney hotel in Paris.
  4. Disney World during Christmas- I went in the summer and it was miserably hot.  Plus I’d like to see the Christmas decorations and I wasn’t doing well during last visit so I didn’t enjoy it.
  5. Disneyland during Halloween (again!)- I love Disneyland and Halloween, the two combined are fantastic!
  6. A road trip visiting all 50 states- I’ve only been to a few states most on the west coast where I live.   I think it would be fun to take our motor home and drive across the US.
  7. New York- I’m the only one in my family who has never been there.  High school friend says I should go during Pride.  20 something’s friend said he might be interested, that sounds awesome.
  8. Portugal- My family has some Portuguese heritage and I think it’s be cool to visit, maybe when my family goes to Italy.
  9. Kauai- Which I’m going to with my sister in a month, it’s an island I have never been to.
  10. Niagara Falls- I love waterfalls!

I'l love to hear your thoughts

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