Convention Reflections

9 Jul

So I’m back from the conference, and it was very good.  Very consumer (people with diagnois) or their family friendly.  About 2,000 people attended.  Reflections:

  • Learned today that people with schizophrenia have a big problem with lack of motivation.  I think I have that from the schizo and also from the depression.  I didn’t know much about the negative aspect of schizo disorders.
  • I wish I had been in a program for first episode psychosis, but mine wasn’t really episodic and I was so secretive.
  • Even with the best treatment possible there is discrimination and stigma
  • I don’t have/never received the best treatment possible.
  • My mental illness tear me in both different directions of what normal people want/desire along with what I’m capable of.  It’s hard to prioritize with such distinct different disorders.
  • Lots of people with diagnosis want nothing to do with treatment or the mental health community but their families pursue it to the point of attending national conferences.  I’m the other way around.
  • Even with crazy people I’m still socially aloof and feel disconnected.
  • I need a nap every day, not sure how this will work on road trip with 20 somethings friend.
  • What they are teaching family members of people with BPD isn’t that bad, I’d thought they’d demonize us.
  • There is a lot of research in first episode psychosis but not much in those of us with chronic conditions
  • Don’t tell people straight off I’m crazy, let them get to know me and love me (hard to even type) and they will like me regardless.
  • Marsha Linehan is funny
  • I wish my parents were more involved
  • I do really good for what I’ve been diagnosed with but there’s room for improvement.
  • I still need to get over the “fairness” of my mental illness
  • Forgiveness is about not holding on to the hope that the past could be different
  • I’m terrified my functioning will go down hill and am already starting to make plans for it.
  • Not a lot of LGBT recognition, sort of faked in the program
  • People “like” by FB posts but I feel have no idea what I go through
  • People weren’t liking my blog FB posts page and since I feel insecure, I’m thinking about discontinuing it.  It is work to keep and maintain.

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