NAMI National Confrence Day 2

7 Jul

The day opened up with three speakers that did “Ted talk” like speeches. The first woman Mary Gilberti talked about kindness and compassion. Her ending quote which is an anonymous quote has stuck with me all day.

In a world of people who couldn’t care less. Be that person who couldn’t care more.

The next session was a symposium where you chose your interest. I went to a wonderful, informative, and inspiring talk on early psychosis or first episode psychosis as it’s usually called. All speakers were researchers, the first an older man who’s also worked in the mental health field for many years. The next two speakers, besides being researchers were also young adults who had lived experience (aka had psychosis). The female presenter who went next was amazing. She told her personal story and how that lead her into this field. She talked about discrimination, low expectations, problems within the system just to name a few. Here are a couple photons of her slides.

I just love her talk. The last slide about some barriers people with psychosis experience is great. She was in an early psychosis program and was lucky to receive some of the best care (as far as in psychology and psychiatry were concerned) many are not so lucky. But even with the fortune of the program she still experienced extreme discrimination at school and a sense of self-imposed low expectations that are reinforced by society. People with psychotic disorders, especially schizophrenic spectrum disorders, are thought to be chronic acute problems and outcomes are usually not that positive. The last speaker, a male also had lived experience. He talked more about the negative symptoms people often overlook or can’t treat such as: cognitive difficulties, low facial expressions, eye contact and other things that effect the quality of life. He is doing research on oxytocin and its ability to help with the negative symptoms accounted with schizophrenic disorders.

Some more slides from the presentation: 

We had a nice break for lunch and a time to check out the exhibit hall. Bonus: Free ice cream was given to attendees in the exhibit hall. You all know how much I love ice cream!  I talked to some people from agencies that over services to people with borderline personality disorder, with a residential treatment center near Los Angeles, California. That’s about 8 hours from where I live. I don’t think I need that program right now but it’s nice to know it exists if I ever relapse bad. I also visited a booth that is doing research on schizophrenia, I qualify with the very vague initial requirements and am looking to fill out an application so I can possibly participate in this research study. The study is on neurobiology and genetics. At the bookstore I got a chance to buy a signed copy of Linehan’s second edition DBT Skills Training manual.
To end the day I went to a workshop put on by The Trevor Project which specializes in suicide prevention for LGBTQ youth. Here is a statistic that stuck with me.

2 Responses to “NAMI National Confrence Day 2”

  1. manyofus1980 July 7, 2015 at 10:33 PM #

    Sounds like it was a great day overall and you learned a lot. I bet your glad you went! X

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