Blog Award: Once a Victim now a Survior

5 Jul


1- In what ways do you feel that blogging can help people with psychological trauma  or mental illness?

I think it can give a clear picture to others who have not experienced trauma.  I also think it can be a great place for support and to process things.
2 – How has blogging helped you with your healing, or your personal journey?

Support from the blogging community as well as feedback.  A safe place to process and vent my experiences.
3 – What books, movies, or YouTube channels would you recommend to someone with a similar background to you?

Borderline Personality Disorder Demystified (Book)  Sometimes I act crazy (book)  Schizoaffective Disorder Simplified by: Martine Daniel (book)   Girl interrupted (movie)  Back from the edge (youtube video)

4 – When did you start your blog and what inspired you?

May 24th 2010.  One of my farmville friends posted a link to her blog on eating disorders and it was inspiring.  I started the blog to express my feeling and hopefully inspire someone, though for the first year or so most posts were about bad days.  But that’s where I was at the moment
5 – What types of blogs do you follow?
Trauma, Borderline Personality Disorder, psychosis, language, mental illness in general, poets

Thanks to Heather’s Helpers for the nomination.  Check out her blog!

One Response to “Blog Award: Once a Victim now a Survior”

  1. manyofus1980 July 8, 2015 at 2:38 AM #

    Well done on the award! XX

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