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26 Jun

I was surprised to hear about the Supreme Court decision this morning. I don’t keep much up on the news because it’s so triggering. Only after a few friends from group told me about it, did it finally sunk in. 

Marriage equality for me is about “normalizing” things. It’s also a chance for everyone that supports it to change their Facebook profile pic to a cooler rainbow striped version.  I was surprised by the number of Fb friends that changed their pic. I know some did it cuz it’s trendy. But to me it’s just great that  supporting gay marriage is trendy. 

I had a real hard time coming to terms with my sexuality. And while I am out, I don’t make it a point to refer to myself as gay. Actually I usually try not to mention in but will admit to it if it comes up. I was raised in a family and society where strong negative connotation and words like “admit” still have a hold on me. Like I’ve committed some kind of crime. 

I’m not sure if I want to get married, but I should have the right to, if that’s what I chose. The best thing for me about this decision is the acceptance from the non-LGBT community. Not getting married but being able to say girlfriend or wife with normalcy and less fear of being judged. 


Marriage Equality

26 Jun

Same sex marriage is now legal across all 50 states. SF Pride is going to be one BIG party!!!!!