DBT: Positive Planet Journal

9 Jun

So this weeks DBT homework was to work on a positive planner journal. You are suppose to make a statement and then list evidence to back it up. The statement of course is meant to be positive. Here’s mine.  Would love to hear anything you think I should add.

Evidence that: I’m important

  1. Certain people would miss me if I was gone.
  2. Gibby would be home alone a lot, without me.
  3. Tobias counts on me for McDoubles
  4. My sister says I’ve shaped her life in a way she can’t explain.
  5. My case manager says she’s always glad to see me on the schedule
  6. 20 somethings friend says he can share fun experience and human feelings with me.
  7. I make other people feel better.
  8. By making people cards
  9. By listening and not judging.
  10. By cheering them up and giving good advice.
  11. I help my family be on time.
  12. I share knowledge and insight, that people wouldn’t have without me.
  13. I promote acceptance (Mental health and LGBT)
  14. Over 800 people read my blog.

2 Responses to “DBT: Positive Planet Journal”

  1. Andi June 9, 2015 at 8:15 PM #

    Great list!

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