Resource: DBT Observing and Describing Emotions

1 Jun

First my filled out version and then a blank in PDF and jpeg for you to use.

Name: Marci                                                    Date: Saturday 5/23/25

Emotion Name: Rejection/insecurity- Panic     Intensity: 50

Prompting Event: Me and 20 something’s friend were at the music festival when G texted him to invite him to see a gay movie with a group of people.  I didn’t get a text.

Interpretations: She doesn’t like me.  She knows I don’t like her.

Body Changes and Sensing: Stomach hurt

Body Language: Eyes kinda go down

Action Urges: I want to see if she doesn’t like me.  Think about asking 20 something’s friend.

What I said or did: Pretended it didn’t bother me.  Joked around with 20 something’s friend about it.  Reminded him he couldn’t go because of work.

After effects: Still some anxiety of her knowing I don’t like her.  A little hurt just keep telling myself I don’t like her anyway.

Re-evaluation: She thought I was camping and probably didn’t invite me because of that.  You don’t like her anyways.  Remember you can’t be invited to everything.  Probably just a couple people.

New Intensity: 15


observing and describing emotions

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