Resource: John Allen Lees 6 Colors of Love

15 May
  1. Eros- romantic love, chemistry, willing to be vulnerable. 
  2. Ludus- “players” strategic, play games, multiple dating at one time, not invested in intimacy or commitment. 
  3. Storge- storing up love, grows with time, come to care for someone deeply, intimacy and commitment. 
  4. Mania- crazy love, possessive, controlling, dependent, desperate, abandonment issues. 
  5. Pragma- planners, plug in partner here, online daters. 
  6. Agape- brotherly love, sacrificial love, divine love, difficult to maintain. 

When I look at these theories of love my relationships tend to be mania or sometimes pragma. I thought it was interesting when she said abandonment issues. I feel a lot of the feeling associated with mania love but try not to act on them. Because people generally don’t want desperate people in their lives. 

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