Strong People

6 May

I needed to hear this.

Heathers Helpers

I know a lot of strong people.
I also know a lot of abused, discarded, neglected, traumatized, easily dissociative, and supposedly “broken” people.
More often than not? These are the same people.

I feel that I am one of those people as well. Kicked down, broken, shattered, unloved, neglected, horribly abused… just one more person amongst many unfortunate souls that shared my fate or one any bit like it.
Yet I am strong. Far stronger than anyone really knows. Myself included on many days…
I have a list of things I would like to do each day that I never allow myself to do. I’ve given up cigarettes,  alcohol, self harming, daydreaming about my suicide, planning a well executed “payback”, and so much more. I deal with voices, smells, sounds such as a girl crying/screaming, I can’t sleep half the time and the other half when I do sleep? That…

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