DBT Core a Mindfulness The what skills

6 May

This week in DBT we are re going over the core mindfulness skills. We always do that in between modules. Mindfulness is probably a skill I have the most challenges with. Between voiced and racing thoughts it’s hard to slow down. In addition I have real bad anxiety which has me worrying about the future rather than being in the moment. 
The What Skills are Observe, Describe, and Participate. Observing means to look at whatever is going on without editing or pushing away. 
Describing is stepping back and putting a label on the experience but not analyzing it. “When we begin to analyze we often go right back to the past or jumping into the future, and we are no longer in the present. Now, there may be sometimes when you do want to analyze. That is fine; then analyze mindfully and with choice. But when you observe yourself analyzing and it isn’t particularly useful, you can just use your describe skill and say ‘analyzing’ and leave it at that and try to return to the moment.”
Participating is choosing to be in the now. Or rather, quieting the mind enough to open to the now. Now let’s not forget that the mind is a great thing. It’s a great tool. But that’s all it is… a great tool. Unfortunately, we have trouble putting the tool down. We are like a carpenter who wants to sleep with a loaded tool belt on. It’s a bit uncomfortable but we keep doing it even though we never get any rest and complain about lack of sleep. For instance, whenever we have been really involved in something, like a hobby, or even cooking, that’s Participating. Whenever we are really engrossed in something in the present moment, that’s Participating. Whenever we see beyond our mind to the present moment, that’s Participating. See if you can look beyond your mind to become intensely interested in the present moment. To do that you have to be willing to put down your worrying, planning, or ruminating for a while. 

One Response to “DBT Core a Mindfulness The what skills”

  1. manyofus1980 June 2, 2015 at 4:10 PM #

    I have trouble with mindfulness too. The dissociation makes it hard for me to do it. X

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