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The Valium wore off

1 May

“You suck. Why don’t you just give in already. You know we’ll win, we always win. Slit the wrists and let the blood pour. Give up now and save the embarrassment and failure. You can’t do anything and as long as you try we’ll be here to mess it up. You don’t deserve shit. I don’t know how you got to where you are but we’ll tear it down. We’ll tear you down. Do it, let the blood flow.”

Feeling a little better

1 May

I went home and took 4 Valium last night.  I’m still pretty medicated, so things are calm inside.  It’s a nice break but I need to get some homework/studying done.  Looks like people are maybe coming over tomorrow after the walk, dad has been putting pressure on me to invite people.  This is short but when my heads more clear, I’ll give a better update.