Hearing Voices: Triggers Side Voices

16 Apr

My blogging buddy Addy over at All that I am, All that I ever was wrote a post on one of his voices and what triggers her.  I thought this was an awesome idea to help people who don’t understand voice hearers to get some insight.  I have three sets of voices and two sets I have not heard from except maybe once, since starting the Latuda.  I’m going to break this up into the 3 voice sets for easier reading.

The side voices are some of the worse.  They are generally angry and scream a lot, sometimes with or at each other and sometimes at me.  A big trigger for the side voices is any school shooting, also any mass shooting too.  Amber Alerts too. These voices are destructive and usually want me to kill or hurt myself or someone else.  News stories also trigger these voices.  It usually goes something to the effect of “that was a good idea.  Why didn’t you think of that?  What’s better guns or knives?  Argument between the two of which is better.  Where should we do this?  Arguments of where and the whys of the places they come up with.  Why haven’t you killed yourself yet?  You’re such a baby. ______ did it and she was only 15.  No one will care, you are just deceiving yourself.  DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!”  These are the voices that get me hospitalized as they wear me down and I can only ignore them for so long.  They are also the one’s that best respond to medication.  I haven’t heard them at all in over a year, That’s Great!

4 Responses to “Hearing Voices: Triggers Side Voices”

  1. manyofus1980 April 18, 2015 at 9:13 AM #

    Yes thats awesome that they’ve been quiet. I hope they’ll continue to be quiet. Its no fun to hear them arguing I am sure! XX


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    […] Since the back 2’s have just been out recently you’d think it would be relatively easy to do a post on what triggers them.  But really they are my least understood set of voices.  They’re always female but sometimes sound different.  Some of my main triggers for them are uneasy or uncomfortable situations. (Like Thurs/Fri)  Hearing/reading story of child abuse.  Rejection, judgment, or abandonment.  Being exhausted.  Childhood memories or fragments.  Doubt.  There are a number of different theories on these voices most being something related to “trauma voices” and not true psychosis, like the sides. […]

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    […] Sides […]

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