Almost impossible.

28 Feb

I’m like this too

Heathers Helpers

I don’t know about you, but when I care about someone? I care forever. I don’t just drop them or set them loose easily. I don’t walk away at the first sign of trouble and I am not afraid to support my friends and my family through the nitty-gritty times in life.

I am not a person who will just stop calling you or caring about you. I make time for my friends and others in my life that are very special to me. I hesitate to say “family” because most people automatically think that means your birth family and my birth family is not in my life at all for excellent reasons. I do have family now though. My husband, children and my husbands amazing, big, funny, crazy, and loving family. Did I mention crazy? 😉

For more years than I care to look back on, I hung on…

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