Childhood Questions

23 Jan

Found on Pride in Madness:

  • What is the first childhood memory that comes to mind?

When I was around 10 and I tried to suffocate myself after a family argument.

  • Did you have a imaginary friend or friends when you were a child?

I don’t remember a lot of my childhood.  So I don’t remember.

  • What was your favourite television program or show as a child?

I watched a lot of Nickeloden and Nick at Night.

  • What is the first lie you can remember telling?

When I was trying to get myself held back in 5th grade and I lied and said I had turned in an assignment and the teacher lost it when really I just half-assed did it and got a D.  I still remember hiding the assignment behind the piano.

  • What is the first good thing or kindness you can remember doing?

I don’t remember I think I was generally a kind person, so nothing sticks out.

  • What was your most favourite meal when you were a child?

Asparagus.  It’s in a Mother’s Day cookbook I made in 1st grade.  Most kids did pizza or cookies.

  • What was your least favourite meal when you were a child?

Cauliflower, I called it Broccoli’s sick cousin.

  • First book you can remember reading?

I used to read a lot, Sweet Valley High, Choose Your Own Adventure, and Goosebumps are the first things that come to mind.

  • Favourite book as a child?

See above.  I would read anything I loved all kinds of books.

  • Were you ever part of a gang as a child?

No.  I was more of an outcast until a teenager.  As a teenager we had a group of friends called The Fried Chicken Club.

  • Favourite toy/teddy bear from your childhood?

Reddy the Teddy, who was you guessed it red.

  • What was your most favourite sweet or candy from your childhood.

Most anything, I have a major sweet tooth.  Especially pixie sticks and fundip and other sugar based candy.

  • Tell us about the first school trip that you can remember going on.

None really but I have pictures.  Credit the bad memory again

  • First record/track you remember listening to?

My favorite song was this oldie song that was really sad called “Last Kiss” about a couple in a car accident where the girl dies.

  • First record/track you ever bought for yourself?

Probably the grammy nominees CD’s

  • Favourite comic read as a child?

Didn’t read comics.

  • Favourite movie as a child?

Drop Dead Fred.

  • Favourite place to visit as a child?

Don’t remember

  • Favourite subject/class at school?


  • Did you ever insist on being called by a different name or nick name?


  • An adult neighbour you MOST get on with?


  • Favourite smell from your childhood?


  • What place or area did your parents say was ‘out of bounds’ but that you used to go to anyway?

My parents had very little rules and boundaries.  So nothing was off limits that I remember.

  • Did you ever shoplift (steal from the local store)?

Probably candy or something small.

  • First dare you were ever given?

Don’t remember but I know we used to play truth or dare in the spa as a kid.  Probably to jump in the cold pool and then into the spa, we called it “freeze and fry”

  • Most embarrassing moment you remember?

Don’t remember one.

  • If you could show us one place from your childhood where would it be?

Don’t know

  • Were you sporty, geeky, arty? How would you describe yourself in those contexts?

Geeky an outcast.

  • Favourite article of clothing?


  • One thing said about you as a child?

“Over sensitive”

  • Favourite game you played as a child?

Hungry Hungry Hippos

  • Favourite childhood pastime?


One Response to “Childhood Questions”

  1. manyofus1980 January 27, 2015 at 2:48 AM #

    I enjoyed your answers. I did that survey on our blog too. It was fun! XX

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